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Department of Psychiatry at Parul Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Sheds Light on Mental Health as a Universal Human Right by Story Telling!

Vadodara, October 10, 2023: On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, observed on October 10th, 2023, the Department of Psychiatry at Parul Institute of Medical Sciences organized a transformative event, firmly aligned with this year’s theme: “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right.” This endeavor was dedicated to breaking down barriers, combating stigma, and fostering a broader understanding of mental health issues within society.

A person battling obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) portrays the relentless struggle of living with this mental health condition, where intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors dominate one’s life. The story highlights the importance of understanding and compassion for those facing such challenges and individuals should not be stigmatized or ridiculed for their struggles and should consult a specialized doctor.   

The event took the form of an engrossing dialogue, where medical students from Parul Institute bravely shared their deeply personal stories and experiences through a captivating storytelling competition. Notably, the narratives were presented in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, and Gujarati, emphasizing the universality of mental health challenges.

Instead of resorting to traditional didactics, the participating students utilized storytelling as a means of collective engagement. These narratives skillfully addressed topics often considered taboo and uncomfortable, offering an empathetic, unvarnished perspective on mental health. The authenticity of their lived, observed, and heard experiences served to connect with the audience on a profound level mentions Dr. Ganpat Vankar; Professor in Dept. of Psychiatry at Parul Institute of Medical Sciences & Research

Thirteen students were shortlisted to share their stories, leaving the audience enthralled and deeply moved, while imparting a valuable lesson on the importance of mental health care.

Following the storytelling competition, a thought-provoking skit was performed by the medical students. This theatrical depiction portrayed real-life scenarios experienced by individuals grappling with mental health crises – from seeking solace in faith healers to enduring the emotional upheaval imposed by family members. It ultimately emphasized the significance of acknowledging and seeking treatment from psychiatrists, thereby restoring confidence and promoting mental well-being.

The core essence of this event lay in empowerment, dispelling myths, and dismantling the stigmas that still surround mental health. It sent a clear message: seeking help and treatment significantly reduces the burden of suffering in our society.

This remarkable event at Parul Institute of Medical Sciences not only celebrated World Mental Health Day but also created a platform for candid dialogue, fostering a society where mental health is universally recognized as a human right. Let us join hands to break down the barriers, eliminate stigma, and support those in need mentions Dr Geetika Patel, Medical Director at Parul University.