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We hold the privacy of our site visitors in the highest regard, therefore through this privacy policy we seek to demonstrate our commitment towards safeguarding your privacy.

Who this policy assures 

This policy assures the privacy protection of our users who visit the website, or who register under any of the forms and services provided within this site.

What this policy covers 

This privacy policy covers any of the personal or identifiable information which is collected by the University for the purpose of any services related to us, either upon your visit to the site or upon your registration in any of our services.

Information Collection and Use

For the purpose of providing services related to the University, we may acquire specific identifiable information each time you access this site. 

The kind of information recorded when you visit our website includes your IP address, the requested page, cookie information, and such information is non-identifiable.

Upon your registration with us, we may receive information such as your name, physical address, email address, location, and once registered this information is identifiable and may be used only for the registration purpose and for future communications. 

The information we collect upon such registration will be used for our operations which include the provision of relevant services, auditing, and essential any communications.

Non-disclosure of information

We do not sell, share or disclose any of the information acquired through the Parul University website with any third parties or any other persons or organization unrelated to us.

The identifiable information which you share with us is solely used for the purpose of your convenience on our website and for the delivery of relevant and relative information related to your user needs.

Such information shall only be shared with the respective persons within our organization being our appointed officials who have a genuine need for such information for the purpose of ensuring your service or improving our website services, or any purpose deemed necessary and justifiable.

In case of any regulatory measures, we may disclose such information for any purpose required by law, such as and not limited to subpoenas, court orders, rules, and regulations. 

The liability of any such privacy violations shall be limited to the extent of services offered directly by Parul University and not to any third parties.

Changes to this policy

We reserve the right to amend, modify, or revise any part of this privacy policy at any point and time and in the manner necessary at the discretion of the University. Any changes to our privacy policy shall be notified to you.