Parul Sevashram Hospital

World Health Day

The theme of World Health day, this year being “Depression: Lets’ talk” Parul Institute of Public Health and Parul Sevashram Hospital carried out many innovative activities. The prevalence of Mental disorders especially Depression is on an alarming rise specially in youth and streamlining Mental disorders like other diseases and reducing stigma associated with these disorders is need of the hour. Some alarming facts and figures show that About 4.5 % of people suffer from Depression in India; 36 % are likely to suffer from Major depression at some point in their lives. Unfortunately half of those with severe mental disease are not treated. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among adolescents. The Objective of all the activities carried by Parul University was to convince people that mental disorders should be treated like any other physical disorders. The onset of activities was marked by an inauguration programme on 30th April in Parul University following which Programmes were conducted in seven villages of Waghodia, Taluka. Mobilization of people for the programme was carried out in each village and several activities were conducted: Focused Group Discussions on various aspects of mental health and common mental disorders among the adolescents, adults, and elderly group (both males and females separately) were conducted to ascertain the current level knowledge, attitude, and practices related to mental health. Pre-test for KAP (Knowledge, Attitude and Practices) regarding common mental disorders. Health Talk by Faculty member regarding The common mental disorders, their symptoms, and steps to be taken. The stigma attached with the mental disorders. Two skits to be enacted by the students of Parul Institute of Public Health. A video show on “Common Mental Disorders” for better understanding was shown. Post-test for KAP. Also, handbook with description of Depression and its related signs, symptoms, complications was prepared by students of Public Health in vernacular language and distributed amongst the people. Finally on the day of World Health Day on 7th April, a final event with summation and report presentation will be carried out.