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Free OPD Services by Expert Doctors
All types of General Surgery- Hernia, Hydrocele, Appendectomy, Laparotomy, Piles, Fistula etc

Speciality Services :-
  • Urosurgery : Facilities for all types of open as well as Endo-Uro Surgeries (TURP, URS, PCNL ESWL) for BPH, Uretric, Kidney Stones etc. available. Facilities for Uroflowmetry available.
  • Plastic Surgery : Facilities for all types of Plastic Surgeries like Tendon Repairs, Nerve Repairs, Vessel Repair, Flap Surgeries Contracture Release, Cleft Lip, Cleft Plates Surgeries, AV Fistulas available.
  • Onco Surgery : Facilities for all types of Cancer Surgeries are available.
  • Vascular Surgery : Facilities for Vascular Surgeries (Laser Surgery) for DVT, Varicose Veins, AV Fistula for Dialysis Gangrene, Diabetic Foot and Angiographies etc. available.
  • Minimal Access & GI Surgery : Facilities for advanced Laproscopy Surgeries like Laproscopic Her nia, Laproscopic Fundoplication, Laproscopic Cholecystectomy, Laproscopic Bowel Resestion etc. available.
  • Neurosurgery : All types of Brain, Spine & Microscopic Neurosurgeries available
  • Bariatric Surgery : Weight loss surgery
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery : Heart related surgeries Bypass, Valve Replacement & Thoracic Surgeries
  • Paediatric Surgery : All types of Paediatrics surgeries available